PSL Highest Paid Players 2021 ( Samir Nurkovic is 3rd )

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021. The South African football league is one of the best league in Africa, without any doubt. Not only is it broadcast live on the DSTV sports channel, but it is also actively followed by many across the continent. Just as the league has continued to gain attention, the players are now the most paid in Africa, only after Egypt.

The country’s league is ahead of others like Tunisia, Angola, DR Congo, Zambia, and a distant Nigeria. With that said, it has remained a subject of debate on what the highest-paid players in the PSL take home. Before now, there was the rush among South African footballers to play in European leagues like most other players in different parts of Africa, but that has mostly reduced since they are now well paid, and thanks to the live coverage of the league by SuperSports, they have also gained celebrity status both in the country and other parts of the continent.

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021

The Average player in the Premier Soccer League takes home R100 000 per month. This means that annually, the average salary of PSL players is R1.2 million. Here is a look at the top earners in the league and what they take home.

In this article, we are looking to highlight the players in the South African Premier Soccer League whose services attract the highest fees. We want to know a little about them on and off the field, as well as find what lessons we can learn from them. Without further time-wasting let us now discover the top 10 highest paid soccer players in the South African Premier Soccer League.

Top 10 PSL Highest Paid Players 2021

1. Khama Billiat – Salary: R850, 000

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021Khama is the highest-paid PSL player in the South African Premier Soccer League. His move to Kaizer Chiefs did not come cheap; the experienced Zimbabwean is one of the highest-rated soccer players in the land. For his experience, flair, and contributions to the team, the dogged Zimbabwean takes home an annual income of R10 million.

After moving from the highest paying club to the biggest club in the country, Khama makes over R800k per month before tax. He would take home over R500k after-tax deductions, making him the highest-paid player in the country.

Khama Billiat of Kaizer Cheifs takes home a monthly salary of about R833,333; a figure that represents eight times the average salary of most footballers in South Africa. That is because Khama Billiat is certainly not an average player. He is an influential figure on the field; motivating his teammates to get results.

2. Andile Jali – R550 000 Per Month

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021Andile Ernest Jali is a South African footballer who plays for Mamelodi Sundowns in the Premier Soccer League and the South African national football team.

Andile Jali earns R550 000 Per Month at Mamelodi Sundowns. Mamelodi Sundowns Highest Paid Players 2021.

3.Deon Hotto – R500,000 a month

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021Namibian international Deon Hotto is set to become one of the highest paid players in the Premiership after it emerged that he will earn over R500,000 a month at Orlando Pirates next season.

4. Itumeleng Khune – Salary: R480,000

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021Itumeleng Khune is not just one of the highest-paid PSL players; he is also one of the most respected figures. In fact, so much is his talent that he used to be the overall highest earner before Khama Billiat took over the position. Itumeleng Khune plays as a goalkeeper for Kaizer Chiefs, he is a South African national.

Itumeleng Khune is not just the goalkeeper for Kaizer Chiefs; He is also the goalkeeper for the South African national team. Itumeleng Khune rose to relevance in 2007 after he saved three goals during a match against Mamelodi Sundowns in the finals for Telkom knockouts.

Itumeleng Khune makes around R480,000 every month. Top 10 PSL Highest Paid Players 2021

5. Samir Nurković – Salary  : R450,000 per month

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021On the 2nd of July 2019, Nurkovic moved to Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa for an undisclosed fee. His market value at the time of transfer was $200,000 and has increased drastically to US$3 million (R15-million at the current exchange rate).

Samir Nurkovic recently signed a new deal with Amakhosi, making him the most expensive player in the club. He’s reported to be earning over R1 million per month from the club after his salary increase of 30%.

Nurkovic plays as a striker for Chiefs and adds more value to the club since his return to play. Top 10 PSL Highest Paid Players 2021

The Serbian forward will be earning around US$800,000 per annum in salaries making him one of the highest paid in South Africa.

6. Denis Onyango – R450 000 per month

Denis Onyango is a Ugandan professional footballer who currently plays for Mamelodi Sundowns. He is an international player who has played for clubs in Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Onyango is also the Ugandan Cranes goalkeeper and captain.

His net worth has been growing significantly. Denis Onyango has a net worth of $5 million and earns R450 000 as salary.

7. Kermit Erasmus – R450 000 per month

Top 20 Mamelodi Sundowns Players Salary 2021 [Gaston Sirino is 3rd]Kermit Erasmus has been playing professional football for 13 years and has reaped tremendously. His salary at Mamelodi Sundowns is currently pegged at R450 000.

As of 2021, Kermit Erasmus has a net worth of US$600 000. He is currently reliant on his salary from Mamelodi Sundowns FC.

8. Gaston Sirino – R400,000 Per Month

Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa 2021Mamelodi sundowns player Gaston Sirino also earns 400 000 Per Month. One of the creative players at Mamelodi Sundowns earning an estimated R400,000.00 per month salary.

Making the list of Highest Paid Players In PSL 2021. And to prove his worth, Gaston had a transfer-price tag of R90 Million to move to Al Ahly in Egypt from Sundowns which they couldn’t offer.

9. Thapelo Morena –  R400,000 per month

Mamelodi sundowns most expensive player Thapelo Morena shares the sames amount Gaston Sirino with  at R400,000.

10. Peter Shalulile – R400 000 per month

Highest Paid Soccer Players in South Africa 2021Peter Shalulile is living comfortable off the sweat and tears of playing football. His salary at Mamelodi Sundowns is currently pegged at R400 000. As of 2021, Peter Shalulile  has a net worth of US$300 000.

He is currently reliant on his salary from Mamelodi Sundowns FC and paid guest appearances.


They have to be very talented, capable, and good with the supporters. Another factor that facilitates the payment of high salaries is when players win trophies and being among the highest-paid PSL players. This increases their value because they can only be approached by teams who have the ambition to.

PSL Highest Paid Players 2021 –


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