Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

World class Footballers Who are Well Educated.Football is a sport loved by millions of people across the world. By extension, all the individual actors involved in the sport are also loved for the various roles they play.

Come to think of it, who wouldn’t love to be in the shoes of footballers, considering the fame that the sport comes with? However, fame is not the only thing that footballers often enjoy. The sport is very lucrative and that is evidenced by the fat salaries that these players take home every week.

In fact, the weekly wages of some footballers equate to what workers in other sectors take home as annual salaries. Behind the fame and money, though, are some footballers who are very educated in some of the best schools in the world.

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Gone are the days when football was thought to be a game for vagabonds and school dropouts. Currently, by just looking around, you would find dozens of footballers who have had some form of education.

We have, therefore, compiled a list of 10 world class footballers who are well educated:

10. Vincent Kompany

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany is a very distinguished man and is widely respected for his role in Manchester City’s transformation into a European powerhouse. The defender is a multiple Premier League winner and was captain of Belgium’s recent golden generation.

For a man who boasts all these accolades, you’d think education is the last thing on his mind. On the contrary, Kompany is an educated man, having spent four years of his career combining football and schooling.

Between 2013 and 2017, the centre-back enrolled as a part-time student at the Alliance Manchester Business School, where he studied Business Administration. Kompany eventually successfully graduated with a degree in the course. The 33-year-old is, however, currently a player-manager at boyhood club Anderlecht.

9. Frank Lampard

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

Chelsea and England legend Frank Lampard is also another footballer who is well educated. The Englishman was a beast in his prime and ended his career as one of the most decorated midfielders the game has ever seen.

Lampard currently manages Chelsea, having decided to begin a coaching career after hanging his boots. However, the 41-year-old is a man of many things and his educational background is one thing that would surprise you.

The Blues boss attended the prestigious Brentwood School. Not only did he excel and come out with flying colours in Latin, Lampard also scored 11GCSEs. Lampard currently holds a degree in a Latin course, having scored an A in the subject while in school. Academic, player, coach: Lampard is surely the envy of many people.

8. Andres Iniesta

Top 10 World Class Footballers Who are Well Educated

While many footballers tend to come from not-so-well-to-do homes, Andres Iniesta is one who comes from a very rich family. For many years, the midfielder dazzled in the middle of the park and churned out so many magical performances in the Barcelona shirt.

This is a player who has won it all, including multiple La Liga titles, the Champions League, Euros and the World Cup. What you may not have known, though, is that Iniesta is also a very accomplished scholar with two different degrees.

The former Spain international holds a Biology degree as well as a degree in Sports Science. This proves that not only in Iniesta intelligent on the pitch, he is equally a man of brains when in the classroom.

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